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Legal Information / Disclaimer


Baseline Survival Inc. has taken great measures to ensure the quality of our BSP-221 Survival PACKs, however it is the purchaser of the BSP-221 Survival PACK that assumes all risks, liabilities and responsibilities in the use and storage of all of its contents and/or the implementation of the survival techniques and strategies mentioned in the literature included with BSP-221 Survival PACKs. Baseline Survival Inc. does not guarantee its contents are sufficient to sustain life, prevent injuries, trauma or death in all situations, the purchaser shall hold harmless and fully indemnify the manufacturer of any responsibilities therein. The survival equipment, supplies, rations, instructions and techniques contained in this kit have been thoroughly researched and have undergone rigorous testing. They are intended for general use only and no warranty is implied or expressed whatsoever in any way. Since we cannot predict every foreseeable survival situation that may arise, the purchaser must acknowledge that the BSP-221 may not be sufficient in all circumstances. The purchaser understands and agrees to absolve all parties of responsibilities including but not limited to the manufacturer, distributor, an/or representatives of Baseline Survival Inc. The purchaser assumes responsibility on replacing expired content contained in the BSP-221.